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Who are we

Vanuatu Inspired is an expert facilitation & consultancy business focused on bringing inspiration to the Vanuatu tourism industry by offering training, digital marketing, team building & development. The way we work is we are contracted directly by individual operators, tourism organizations and government agencies to facilitate programs that aim to enhance tourism products. We value everything this tropical paradise has to offer and hope to bring Vanuatu to the rest of the world through delivery of all of our great products:


  • Some Inspiration to start with!

  • Build your Digital Footprint through Online Marketing & Social Media

  • Training Workshops

  • Professional Development

  • Mentoring & Consulting

  • Tourism Strategy & Business Development

  • Team Building Events

Our team will take your marketing to the new age making it easier for you to engage with your customers! Our user-friendly practical approach makes it easier for in-house to manage their own online marketing with a focus on increasing your annual bookings, sales return, customer satisfaction, product awareness and basically just give you the skills and ability to be your own marketing manager! 

Topics Include:

  • Social Media Marketing - (Or we can run your social media accounts if you still decide you don't want too!)

  • Boost Online Travel Agent Connections (OTA's)

  • Build Digital Content 

  • Brand Awareness

  • Reputation Management

  • Product Ideal Market & Competitive Advantage

  • Creative Promotional Ideas & Opportunities

  • Photography & Videography (Includes video editing & movie creation)



We don't like to over complicate it and education is important to us! We will set you up with simple, easy to use tools and provide in house training to staff to takeover your digital marketing strategies.

For all other digital marketing work, we have trusted contacts in SEO, web dev, graphic design, analytics and reporting professional photography, and audio-visual. If you have your own people, we can work in with them too.


Tourism Product Development

Digital Marketing

Creating strategies and plans to increase/develop/encourage an increase in tourism for Vanuatu and local tourism products. We are committed to tourism development that creates a positive experience for local operators, industry partners and visitors.

  • Product Review and Strategic Planning

  • Enhance Visitor Experience 

  • Professional Mentoring & Coaching

  • Identify Market Opportunities & Positioning

  • Product Innovation

  • Training Workshops (including: Importance of Brand, Social Media, Customer Service Training, Art of Networking, Cross Cultural Communication & Etiquette, Leadership, Conflict Management, Grants & Sponsorship, and Entrepreneurship

  • Yield Management - 'Making your business more profitable

Training and Team Building

One of the most powerful reasons for training & team building is to get results fast. Through a series of inspired training combined with a team building event, individuals develop knowledge & build skills surrounding communication, leadership, trust, conflict resolution, confidence, working smarter not harder, while boosting team moral and work satisfaction.

Professional development of this kind also brings many attractive benefits to businesses including increased profitability, effective relationships, happier work environment, better understanding of job roles and enhanced performance & productivity from staff. 

Training topics include:

  • Leadership & Influence

  • Conflict Management

  • Team Development

  • Brand Awareness

  • Digital Marketing including Social Media

  • Customer Service

  • Art of Networking

  • Cross Cultural Communication & Etiquette

  • Grants & Sponsorship

  • Entrepreneurship & Building your own business!



  • Facilitation

  • Public Speaking Engagements and Presentations

Get Inspired in Vanuatu!

Ready to be Inspired? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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